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Sid Tempest, pictured above, began emptying septic tanks for the Lincolnshire County Council and in 1989 decided to go it alone and become 'Cesspool Sid'.  He was well known for his funny number plates ("Loo Two" and "Turd Taxi") and his witty adverts in the local paper which read:


"Cesspool Sid is my name,

Emptying cesspools is my game,  

When you're full and overflowing,

Send for Sid and he gets you going,

Cesspool Sid is still about,

So let him come and clean you out!".


 After Sid passed away the company carried on and today we still offer septic tank emptying services all over Lincolnshire.


If you would like to hear a recording of Sid talking about his life in the poo, click on this link: This Is England and scroll down the page to  'Listen to This is England' then click on the Play button (blue box with arrow) to listen to Sid's interview.   We don't recommend the dead hare these days!  Of course the best way to keep your septic tank in tip top condition is to keep it regularly emptied by Cesspool Sid.


Our thanks to Chris Butterfield for allowing us to use his image of Sid and to link to his interview.


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